There is no question about it, a tropical country made of 7,107 islands, Philippines is home to an endless list of the best beaches. Most often, it is hard to pick just top 10 beaches in the country with each island, each province and city having their own “best beach” and “secret beach”.

In the global arena, the shores of Palawan, Boracay and even Bohol have captured beach-loving jetters but if you want go beyond these popular destinations, here are some equally gorgeous beaches in the country.


Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Anawangin Cove
A 3-4 hour drive from the capital city of Manila followed by a quick boat ride, Anawangin Cove is a favourite weekend retreat among young local travellers. A well-kept cove with a white-sand beach, contrasting to the neighbouring black sandy beaches. The white “sand” is actually lahar from the  Mt. Pinatubo eruption way back in the 90s. Landscape is painted with mountains sloping to the sea and tall pine-looking trees along the small creek.

One family acting as the cove’s care takers as permanent residents, come here during weekdays ( to have the cove for yourself) and you will always have the feeling of being brought to a different place, making this cove a perfect spot for camping and soul-searching.

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Nicknamed as “Poor Man’s Boracay” as the amenities and facilities simply can’t at par to Boracay, the Philippines’ most famous beach. But “less is more” applies to the beaches of the island located in the Visayan region. Home to the sweetest mango, unspoilt scenery and untouched white-sand seashores, the island of Guimaras has been a summer retreat for families from nearby places with the affluent one having their own beach homes as well as private coves and beaches. Nightlife here means dancing under the stars with fireflies around you. Guimaras caters to those who want to escape touristy beaches and highly suited for budget travellers.

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Apo Island, Negros Oriental

Apo Island, Negros Oriental


Belonging to a lesser known province overshadowed by more urbanized neighbours, Negros Oriental is a nature-lovers paradise from scenic lakes and beaches. Take  short trip south from the city center of Dumaguete and discover the underwater world that is one of the best in the Philippines.  Apo Island is the place to go for colorful fishes and teeming corals best enjoyed by snorkeling and diving.


Golden Beach, Antique



Surprisingly, less than an hour from tourist-packed Boracay is the Golden Beach of the province of Antique, the only white-sand shore on the mainland. Named after the gold-looking sands on the waters, its white soft sand and serenity is reminiscent of Boracay’s past way back in the 70s. Clear waters and a lively fishing community strive next to it. Witnessing the locals fish early in the morning provides a more fulfilling experience for visitors.

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Samal Island, Davao



The southern region of the country has a bad name on travel advisories for terrorism and security threats leaving many travel gems hidden. Just a few minutes from Davao City, the most urbanized city in Mindanao, is a cluster of islands composing the Garden City of Samal. Diving, snorkeling or just gazing at the different shades of blue sipping freshly opened coconuts are one of the things you can enjoy here.  Let Samal be the source of envy to family and friends back home.

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Of course, this just a short rooster of Philippines’ lesser known beaches. Have a unique travel experience in the country and begin it by enjoying the sands of these beaches under the Philippines’ never-ending sun.