Davao is one of the best destinations in the Philippines and the most visited among other destinations in southern Philippines. It is a highly urbanised place, a metropolis which can even put a shame to those ugly picture that generalises the whole Mindanao.

With their tourism tagline, ” from the highlands to the islands“, Davao is not just about Mt. Apo and durian. Nor just for a selective group of people but perfect for all types of travellers. So what awaits you while in Davao?


Nature both Serene and Wild

Crocodile Farm

Davao is a place for those who love to get close to nature. Mindanao itself is a blessed with natures’ bliss. From those on a short break from their routines to adventure seekers. Climb Mt. Apo or have day tour at Eden Nature Park and Resort. Those with kid’s will love the Crocodile farm and the Philippine Eagle Center.

Do you know that Davao has the cleanest water in Asia?


Samal Island

playa de paradise


You don’t have to sacrifice comfort just to rekindle with the sea. Samal Island is less than 15 minutes from the city centre of Davao which makes it appealing for those travelling with seniors or little kids.

The island itself is very big and has many activities for visitors. Day trips or a few nights in the island are both possible. Snorkel, visit Hagimit Falls or have an island tour and check out unspoiled islands.


Japanese Tunnel


Davao has the highest concentration of Japanese in the country. Pre-war and even post-war, Davao has housed many Japanese and now their descendants are still living in Davao. Many people believe that the legendary Yamashita treasures are buried all over Davao.

One of the most unique attractions not just in Davao but in the whole Philippines is the Japanese Tunnel. Guided tours are available and for those who want to stay close to the tunnel, there is small hotel with a restaurant right next to it.





Travelling will never be complete without shopping. The best buys in Davao are accessories namely pearls. There are many stores in the city but highly recommended are the shops in Aldevinco ( beside Marco Polo Hotel). From customised accessories to brass ornaments, you will never find this pace short of souvenirs.


Dining beyond Durian


Pulutan (Davao City)

Davao also takes pride in their culinary culture. From fresh tuna ( which you can buy to take home) to a wide array of durian-based creations. A must is the Mindanao style kinilaw or the twisty singular. For durian, if you can’t handle the fruit, have them as candies and other sweets. Better yet, as an ice cream.


Explore the Philippine more by travelling south to the dynamic city of Davao. Have you been to Davao? Share you experience with us!