Roy Kunisaki eating Balut

Okay, we will save you from a “horrifying” photo of a balut. Unless you live under a rock or you are absolutely clueless when it comes to Filipino food, balut is one of the most famous culinary wonder in the Philippines. No, we are not talking about au gratin dishes here, it is more of an adventure for non-Filipinos. It has been one of the “must foods to eat” while in country especially among international tourists.

Here’s why.

Balut is a boiled fertilized duck egg. Boiled egg is a usual breakfast feast but with balut, the chick is forming waiting to be born. Yikes! You may say. But those who have tasted it or patrons to this somewhat out-of-ordinary food attest of its juiciness.  Some even say that it is an aphrodisiac. As an egg, it is rich in protein too. For those on a diet, this is a certified calorific treat!

There are many towns in the Philippines that are known for balut like Pateros in Luzon but balut is a streetfood in the country. You can easily buy them from peddlers. Look for that small ice box that reads , “Balut”.

So how do you eat a balut?

Are you ready? First, you remove the uppermost part of the egg; like 1/4 of the whole egg. There, you will see the little chick with the yolk swimming in the juice. Now, you sip the juice draining the whole egg. Onced dried”, its time to eat the unhatched egg.

Balut can be eaten as it is but most Filipinos eat it with a dash of salt. For some it is theb est pulutan. Eat it with an iced-cold beer and viola! Perfect drinking season.

Balut also comes in “number of days” which corresponds to the number since the egg was hatched. For starters, choose “16 day, the chick is not that formed yet for the most adventurous ones, there is “21 days” where you can munch chick’s tender bones.

When visiting the Philippines, try eating balut. If you bring along friends and family, dare yourselves to discover its uniquely Filipino gourmet treasure. A fun activity to do while in the country that will surely be one of your best memories while on vacation.

TIP: Due to scarcity of ducks in some places, chickens are used and called “balut sa puti“.