The gem of Philippine tourism, the island of Boracay finally takes global traveling’s center stage. This island in Aklan in the Visayan region of the country with its trademark of talcum sands, azure waters and world-class facilities and amenities formally inks its name along with famous islands like Bali, Ibiza and Santorini – in fact, beating them all.

A few months ago, top travel magazine Travel + Leisure named Boracay Island as the “Best Island in the World” finally pushing Bali on the side. And a few days, a popular travel booking site, named Boracay is one of the top party beaches in the world.

Yes, Boracay is formally a global destination. From a backpacker’s haven in the 70s to 80s specifically among Europeans, the world will speak of its name for those who want a modern-day paradise.

What makes Boracay undeniably the country’s most famous and most visited island destination?

Cleat waters and white-sand beaches are common in a country like the Philippines but it is the whole package of Boracay that makes it appealing. Unique in the Philippines to have an island that indeed captured international tastes specifically when it comes to amenities and facilities. No matter how many critics and challenges, Boracay is facing, it is one beautiful island.

A destination to take even the most discriminating travelers. A place not just for young party tourists but it actually caters to all types of travelers. Seniors to families with kids, Boracay never disappoints.

Bask under the sun, lounge or walk on the famous 4-kilometer White Beach or head to other secret beaches. Dine in various restaurants, go shopping or sign up for different tours. From a relaxing glass-bottom boat trip to delight the kids to parasailing for the adventurious ones.

Boracay is also for everyone when it comes to social status. It used to be a luxurious venue as getting there alone costs a lot. But with more cheap flights and hostel-type accommodations, not to mention affordable food choices, more and more people can visit and experience the Boracay island life.

It is almost an accepted fact that visiting the Philippines is absolutely incomplete without a trip to Boracay. No one wants to miss living a carefree and enjoying the sun and sands of an island that has captured the whole world.