Photo by Marc Veraart Flickr.

The islands of the Caramoan group in Camarines Sur has been a familiar name among those island worshippers. The perfect supplement to the different watersports offered by the province, now the “Extreme Sports Capital of the Philippines”. Sore muscles from wake-boarding, relax and lie on the sands of its secluded coves. Breathe deep and gaze upon the sunny skies with tips of its krasts painting a scenic picture for you.

With its natural characteristics of combining islands and lush vegetation, this is the perfect venue for an over-all survival challenge. And with no doubt, Caramoan Islands has been a Survivor favourite. Home to the number one reality show on earth with franchises all over the world.

At the season finale of Survivor: One World, host Jeff Probst introduced the next venue for its 25th less than the Philippines. Locally shot in the Caramoan Island. Finally, it has come to our shores. Unconfirmed statements that the Survivor team will extend filming for the 26th Season. Now imagine the exposure of the Philippine to the world.

Survivor:Philippines is not the first Survivor series shot here. In fact, it is the 8th. Yes, you read it right, 8th. The Caramoan has captured the interested of other international franchises of the hit reality show. Survivor series that had their locations at Caramoan are Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belguim and India.

The most obvious contribution of Survivor:Philippines is an expected growth of tourism arrivals in the country. With this show with at most 30 million viewers per season, international tourists will see a better and the real picture of the Philippines. As the Philippines as always been placed on a bad light, the Caramoan will be the stand bearer for adventure enthusiasts and explorers.

Likewise, it is boost to local livelihood as at least 400 locals were hired to help for this million-dollar production. The Philippines has been used as settings for many international shows like films but most of them shows things that the country wants to avoid like poverty and yes, traffic. But this reality show, Survivor will give the best of the’s exquisite raw beauty.