Durian  - King of Fruits

Philippines is home to many exotic dishes as well as fruits that you should try when in town. Tasting it even for a single nibble will make your Philippine vacation more exciting and a nice memory to cherish when you go back home.

One of the food that you have to try is durian. Known as “King of the Fruits”, this is common is Southeast Asian countries like Singapore. In the Philippines, you can have a taste of one of the most exotic fruits in Mindanao like those in Davao, Zamboanga and other neighboring provinces.

Described with a cliche, ” smells like hell but tastes like heaven”, durian is a spiky fruit with its interior filled with creamy flesh. But you don’t have to savor the fruit if you can’t stand its smell. There are many durian flavored foods that you can try.

Durian Candies

This is the most common food made from durian. Since carrying durian in public transportation like airplanes is prohibited, durian-flavoured candies has become the most common pasalubongs from Davao. It is lightweight, cheap and a yummy treat for your officemates.

Durian candies are like pastilles de leche added with durian. In Davao, the most popular is the durian candies of Lala Abon in San Miguel Village.

Durian Jam

If Baguio has strawberry and ube jams, take home a jar or two of durian jams from your trip from Davao. Use it as spread for breads or use it to add flavour to your coffee and other desserts. The best time to buy durian jams is from August -November.

Durian ice-cream and shake

With durian‘s natural creamy texture and taste, it is not surprising that creative minds have whipped another food from durian – ice cream. Try it from various hotels in Mindanao. In Davao, you can buy them anywhere especially during durian season.

Durian shakes is also a good way to beat the heat as you explore the city. Enjoy it alone or with other snack food while in Davao. Like ice cream, it is best to have them when the fruit is in season.

Durian pie and cake

After the candies and frozen delights, pastries come next. Durian cake and pie are comon in the city while other specialty shops create durian tarts. Take a bite for a culinary twist during your visit. The durian pies of the Guin-o family at Inigo Street is a must-try.

Durian Coffee

Take the aroma challenge to the next level with durian coffee. Blurge Coffee is synonymous with durian cappuccino which they call as “gatchpuccino“. The cold variant is called the “larcepuccino“. Never leave Davao without having a coffee break with a cup of durian brew.

Dreadfully stinky for some yet creamy for others, durian certainly divides the house. Try it and make your Philippine trip with a little twist.