Sunsets on the Black Nazarene

Everybody knows that Pinoys are noted for their spirituality with our own culture and tradition deeply rooted in our faith specifically that of the Catholic faith. Religion is also not just plain devotion and adulation but also a social event as seen in various festivals revolving around annual feast days of various saints. Well, going home for our respective fiestas is obviously very common.

In terms of religious festivals, the most distinct perhaps is the Feast of the Black Nazarene. It has captured golbal attention not just for its more than 200 years of observance but the devotion itself towards the Black Nazarene (Nuestro Pade Jesus Nazareno), locally referred as “Itim na Nazareno”.

The procession for the Black Nazarene falls every January 9 with thousands of devotees from all walks of life attending. Devotees of the Black Nazarene are mostly males and its healing and miracles has been venerated by millions of people. Every Friday afternoon, prayers are heard at the Quiapo Church in Manila for the Black Nazarene.

Witnessing the procession has been very interesting and has caught massive attention from the global media to local travelers. The black statue that originally hailed from Mexico is paraded in the streets with millions of devotees in maroon, try their best to hold the rope. It is common to see towels and cloths being thrown into the statue then tossed back to the crowd. It is said that it can bring miracles to those who owns that towel that wiped from the statue. The ropes used to move its carousel is also believed to be have some magical powers – some would intentionally cut the rope and use them as talismans.

For newbies, it is highly discouraged to join the procession. Reports of injuries while many devotees would pass out during the processions are common. Though a very interesting event and something worth sharing to the rest of the world, travelers are advised to watch in the sidelines.

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