Playing golf is one of the popular activities in the Philippines. With its sunny weather, golf is an all-year round sports as seen in different gold courses around the country. Most of them are located in Metro Manila but there is one special golf course located somewhere in the western region of the Visayas.

Iloilo Golf and Country Club formerly known as Santa Barbara Gold and Country Club is the oldest existing golf course in the country. It was built by Scottish and British engineers way back in 1907 as they construct railroads within Panay Island. As they long for some recreation, they found the perfect spot in the town of Santa Barbara, a few kilometers from the city of Iloilo. Its natural terrain of rolling hills not only mimics their homeland but perfect for the sports they all love and miss – golf.


The first years of the country club was exclusively for the foreigners and time as passed, Filipinos were welcomed in the club. At present, it is one of the most prestigious venues for golf tournaments all over the country. Iloilo Golf and Country Club also produces many golf champions and key players. Not as big as other golf courses in Manila but the unique feature of this golf course is its natural terrain. The slopes and terrain are challenges that every golfer has to face when playing in its fields.

Iloilo Golf and Country Club: The Oldest in the Philippines #lp

More than a nice place for some tee time, it one of the treasures of Iloilo. In 2007, the National Historical Institute (NHI) formally proclaim it as a national treasure – the oldest existing golf course in the Philippines. Hence, adding cultural prestige to this golf course.

When visiting Iloilo, drop by and walk in its pathways. Lagoons mimics Japanese gardens. As it is a historical place, it is open to the public except when there is a tournament.

Likewise, it is time to look into Iloilo Golf Course and Country Club when coming to the Philippines to play golf. After golf, various activities awaits you starting with visiting old colonial churches, old houses and mansions and savoring the best of Iloilo culinary dishes.