The southern region of Mindanao holds the real gem of the Philippines. Often disregarded by travelled and sometimes overlooked by  tourists but a trip to Mindanao is going to the heart of the country- warm people and raw nature.

Lake Sebu is one of the biggest in the country, an experience that will forever etched in your memories. Setting a different landscape to the negative image of Mindanao..




A few hours from General Santos, the nearest airport, a trip to Lake Sebu is both relaxing and comfortable.



From its relaxing scenery, Lake Sebu is known for its tilapia. This fresh water fish is also a big part of the local business which explains the modern road system leading to the area.

Hence, a must is checking out various dishes made from Tilapia from the classic grilled to chicharon and even kiniliaw ( similar to a Ceviche)



There are many things to do in Lake Sebu as well.

A must especially for those who want to have a taste of local culture is to witness the local weaving of Lake Sebu and the everyday lives of the T’boli.

Lake Sebu T'boli Woman


Lake Sebu also means adventure. One of the best places to enjoy zip-lining



The municipality of Lake Sebu actually has three lakes, with Lake Sebu as the largest. The uniqueness of this destination is that it is also home to
many falls or “Seven Falls of Lake Sebu”.

Here are two of the most visited falls in Lake Sebu




Lake Sebu offers a peaceful sojourn. One of the top places to enjoy Philippines’ natural beauty.

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