If you are a Pinoy or associated with a Filipino in any way, you know that Christmas season starts on September. Yes, it is a season in the Philippines. When the “ber” months come starting with September, Christmas songs are now playing in radios and ornaments and Christmas trees are now being sold in various stores.

But why do Filipinos put emphasis on a long Christmas season? Christmas for any Pinoy is more than just a Christian festival. Sadly, it has become more of a social affair just like in other countries. But makes Philippine Christmas outstanding is that it focuses on family.

That is one of the reasons why Filipinos tend to make Christmas “longer”. Christmas is the time for families to come home. When grandchildren got to visit their lolos and lolas. Where long lost relatives get to know each other. It is one of the most anticipated event in Filipino families.

Paskong Pinoy means children goes caroling at night and series of parties from school to office parties. Malls and all establishments decorate Christmas lanterns from local parols to something borrowed like a Santa Claus. Misa de Gallo is the perfect way to start your day with a nice family breakfast after each mass.

Most importantly, Paskong Pinoy means going home. Going to where you left your heart. The first “ber” month is now over and a few more months to go before Christmas. Have you thought about going home? They say, nothing compares to Christmas in the Philippines where everyone is just happy to be together. Where you can find inner peace from family and friends. Where you find happiness in life from the smiles of young children.

Be home for Christmas. Celebrate Paskong Pinoy.

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