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This is not a harsh insult but a sweet side of the plate.

Like a multi-awarded artist, the Philippines is rich in unique products, colourful history and diverse faces. Tacloban, the capital city if Leyte in the Visayas region is not only a historical place where General MacArthur landed but also a home of a unique taste of delicious treat – Moron.

No on really knows how the word was exactly coined but for those who haven’t known Tacloban’s native delicacy, it is pronounced with a stress on the second syllable. It has an opposite connotation with the “offensive” term we usually come across in the English dictionary. With its almost mouth-watering texture, it gives you the delight of implanting the sweetness of moron in your system, putting you in a positive mood.

The country is very fond of producing different recipes from glutinous rice or what the locals call “pilit” – pilit means, “sticky”. One of these is the suman or budbud in Visayan. Moron is the most unique variation of budbud. It is a sweet tasty treat made from a mixture of pilit or glutinous rice, ordinary rice, coconut milk, melted butter, sugar and its distinct ingredient – cocoa. Special varieties come with the addition of cheese and peanuts and are generally wrapped with a fresh banana leaf sealed with a string or small strips of banana leaves.

People may be curious of the production process of this unique delicacy. The mixture of ordinary and glutinous rice is first soaked in water overnight and grounded the next day. Thereafter, additional ingredients are added. It is then wrapped with banana leaves whose surface is brushed with butter. It can be stored in the refrigerator or you can directly sell it in the market.

Many places have tried making their modified or own version of moron but Tacloban offers the perfect mix where the chocolate supplements and never overpowers the rice flavour. The taste is especially influenced by other prts of the country such as Cebu, Manila and even Mindanao apart from foreign influences such as Western, Spanish an Asian influences.

This Filipino dessert is also a famous take-home treat or pasalubong from Tacloban and are also sought after in the dining table during fiestas in the city of Tacloban. There are many stores selling this treat for 60-80php a dozen.

Moron is an evidence of Pinoy’s unique taste and love for food. Come and visit Tacloban and never miss to try the delightful taste of Moron.