Various international travel magazines hail Boracay not just the best in the Philippines but the best island in the world. In the local scene, almost all local tourists have visited Boracay and for others, it is surely on top of their list.

On the other side, issues from mass commercialism to environmental and land disputes shrouded the paradise that ought to describe this island in the Visayas. Still, no one can fully discredit that it is indeed the best that the Philippines can offer. No other destination in the country can appease the international travel market as that of Boracay.

So what makes Boracay the best in the Philippines and to the rest of the world?

No need mention its long stretch of sand and crystal-clear waters. The exact characteristics that caught the attention of European backpackers way back in the 60s and the 70s when the Boracay was at its virginal state – no water and no electricity.

Boracay rose to fame with millions of tourists arrivals because of its international standards. From getting to Boracay to things to do in the island. No other place in the Philippines can provide such experience to visitors.

Boracay is an hour away from Manila. Just an hour and 15 minutes from the main island and guests can enjoy paradise. When we speak of island and beach, there are many in the Philippines but most of them require a huge amount of time to travel, not to mention the not so comfortable transit.

Boracay is complete with modern facilities from hotels to a tourist centre that can cater to visa extensions. These facilities make Boracay very attractive to international visitors, who want to relax and enjoy.

The island has changed from a backpacker’s secret place to a modern mini-city.

Still, even backpackers can still find a place in the island. There are many unexplored areas in the island, just go beyond the famous White Beach.

Most critics say that the island has become a part place. In fact, Boracay has defeated famous party islands like Ibiza in one survey of a travel site. The island doesn’t seem to sleep but still, it didn’t discourage families to spend their holidays in Boracay.

Many families, those with kids and even seniors enjoy Boracay. Boracay offers a myriad of activities to cater to different types of guests. From the adventurous, there are kite-surfing and diving. For kids, there are glass-bottom boat trips and of course, enjoy the beach especially during early morning. Same goes for honeymooners and traveling friends.

These things make Boracay very unique and very impressive. And whether some people like it or not, Boracay is Philippines’ best beach.

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